PowerSchool Teacher

Printing Reports

Printing Progress Reports and Report Cards

  1. Go to csdo.powerschool.com/teachers in a web browser

  2. Locate your homeroom class

  3. Click on the printer icon all the way on the right of your homeroom class

  4. In the first dropdown menu, select the correct report.  The options are:

    • CTK Progress Report

    • CTK Report Card 1-3

    • CTK Report Card 1-3 Final - for Trimester 3 only!

    • CTK Report Card 4

    • CTK Report Card 4 Final - for Trimester 3 only!

    • CTK Report Card 5-8

    • CTK Report Card 5-8 Final - for Trimester 3 only!

  5. Leave all other fields blank or as they are

  6. Click Submit

  7. Reports take some time to process.  Click Refresh periodically until the View link appears.

  8. Click View and review your report cards for accuracy. Please view them as early as possible, and print them as late as possible to avoid reprinting. You may save the report file for your records.

Adding Comments

Adding Subject Marking Period Comments

  1. Open your PowerTeacher Gradebook

  2. Select the class/subject you want to add comments for

  3. For Reporting Term, select the current trimester (T1,T2,or T3)

  4. Right click on the student’s FINAL GRADE for the Trimester (not an assignment and not their name) and select Show score inspector

  5. Enter your comments directly, or Click the Comments Tab to use the comment bank

  6. You have a maximum of 125 characters, including spaces, for subject comments.

  7. Click Save in the lower right corner.

Adding “Overall” Marking Period Comments

  1. Open your PowerTeacher Gradebook

  2. Select your homeroom class

  3. Repeat steps 3-5 above

  4. You have a maximum of 566 characters, including spaces, for overall comments.

Clearing Comments

 Use the following procedure to clear comments class by class.
  1. Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook
  2. Select a class
  3. Right click (T2) Final Grade at the top of the list of students
  4. Select Fill Scores
  5. Choose Replace All
  6. Check the box for Comment
  7. Click OK
  8. Repeat for each class with comments, saving when asked.

Drop Lowest Scores

If you would like to automatically drop assignments from the gradebook (like dropping the lowest homework), follow these instructions: