Media for Projects

Media is a word that means any kind of art. It could be pictures, video, music, or something else entirely! But if it was created by someone, that person owns it and has the right to say who can and can't use it.  When you search the web for images, music, or video, you can find all kinds of media, and just because it's there doesn't mean the owner has given you permission to use it. This page will help guide you in understanding copyright rules, finding media, and using it in a way that respects copyright.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a system that helps artists to share their work and tell others how it can be used. A license is permission to use something, like a driver's license gives you permission to drive. The Creative Commons license for a piece of media can say whether it can be used, modified, or even be sold by someone else. If we find a piece of media that we want to use in a project, we should check a few things about it.
  • Does it have a Creative Commons license? If it does you should see the CC logo somewhere on the page.
  • What kind of use does the license permit? On this page, you can see the different kinds of use granted by CC licenses. 
  • What is the quality? If it's a picture or video, we want to know that the resolution is high enough for our purpose. If it's audio, make sure the sound is clear.

Finding Media with Creative Commons Licenses

Images Search

Select a search engine to find the media you need and search.

Google Search

When you do your Google Image Search, click and "Search Tools" and then "Usage Rights." 
In your search, look for images that can be reused.


Creative Commons Audio

Select a search engine to find the media you need.  Audio engines are ccMixter, Soundcloud, and 

Soundzabound Music Library

The school has purchased a license to use Soundzabound music in our projects. To access it, follow the instructions in here ( login required).

Youtube Music Library

Videos uploaded to Youtube may use music from the Youtube Audio Library. This music has been purchased by Youtube expressly for this use. You access this music online after uploading your video, or by uploading with the Youtube Capture app.

More Public Domain Resources

Public domain resources are music, photos, and videos owned by the public.  They are either created by government employees or donated to the public.  You can use them in any of your projects in any way, without fear of copyright infringement.