Khantests and Codepetitions!

Each trimester, CTK will hold an Online Learning Challenge. 7th and 8th Grade students will be able to choose one goal for the month that they will work towards during their free time. The prize of a $10 iTunes Gift card will be awarded for the student demonstrating the most progress in each category.  The goal for this challenge is to motivate students to approach individual learning opportunities in a way that is consistent and transparent with the staff.


  • Students must declare a Goal for the month and stick with it to be eligible for prizes.
  • Goals are meant to be a "fast-finisher" activity, to be done when other activities are not available to them.
    • Students may work towards their Goals only during time allowed by teachers or staff. This does not include recess, Club, or other times when iPads are prohibited.
    • Students may not work on their Goals in lieu of assignments or homework! Students will be disqualified for being off-task.
    • Students should not present this contest to parents as a license to be on iPads or computers at all hours.
  • During times when other activities are not available, students using their iPads may ONLY work on their Goals.
  • This contest is an experiment in student engagement. As such, the administration reserves the right to withdraw or change the rules or prizes at any time.

Goal Options

  • Activity: time spent on exercises. Doesn't count idle time (I checked).
  • Progress: Points earned through correct answers
  • Levels: We'll have to collect a current level and XP (experience points) from each student that wants to attempt this goal, winner has the biggest change.
  • Words: Prize for biggest change in vocabulary # over the month.
  • Prize for most points gained (again, they need to show their starting level).
  • Prize for units completed (sticking with one language)
  • Class Code 7th Grade - 4fdfh8w3
  • Class Code 8th Grade - 7mvh7cea
  • Prize for most skills in excellent