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Recording Audio

Before you Record

  • Plan: Have your script and practice it. Know what you're going to say and how to pronounce each word.
  • Scout: Choose a location that is likely to be quiet.
  • Communicate: Let everyone around you know "I am about to record. Can everyone please be silent?"
  • Listen: Any noise you can hear will end up on your recording. Make sure nobody is speaking, and nothing else is making noise.

During Recording

  • Wait: Leave at least 5 seconds before you start speaking.  This will make sure nothing gets cut off and help with editing.
  • Slow Down: Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Chunk: Record small sections at a time. Take a breath between sentences. This will allow you to make cuts between sentences if a mistake is made.
  • Wait: Leave at least 5 seconds after you finish speaking before you stop recording.  This will make sure nothing gets cut off and help with editing.
  • Review: Listen to your recording to make sure you came out clearly and that there were no unwanted noises.

After Recording

  • Make sure your recording is saved someplace you will have access to it later! Write down where it was saved (which computer, iPad, etc.) or be sure it is saved to your Google Drive/Network folder.

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