Basic Filming Guide


Filming takes time, equipment, and (in the real world) money.  That's why actors rehearse before they film, so that they don't waste time and money.  Before you record video, it's important to practice first.  Make sure you know:
  • What you need to have or wear
  • What you're going to say
  • How you're going to say it
  • How you will stand or move around

Where to film

Where you film can make a big difference on the quality of your movie.  Choose a quiet place where your voices will be heard clearly.  Also choose a place that is well lit.  Film away from the light source, rather than towards it. If the video turns out dark, it will be hard to see you.

Recording and Reviewing

Here are a couple of basic rules to make sure you get what you need on the camera:
  • Check that the camera settings are correct, that the microphone is on, and you have plenty of battery charge and storage.
  • Always shoot in widescreen - Never shoot in tallscreen!!!
  • Always start the recording at least 5 seconds before the actors start the scene, and stop recording at least 5 seconds after the end of the scene.  This way you are sure not to cut them off.
  • Make sure the actors and crew wait at least 5 seconds before "breaking." No weird faces, funny noises, or off-script remarks!
  • Even if one "take" (attempt at filming a scene) seems perfect, do another.  It may be even better.
  • Review the video before deciding you are done.  Make sure you can see and hear everything well, and that there is nothing unexpected in the background.

Shooting from Vimeo

Video 101: Shooting Basics from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.