Here are some of Mr. Dreyfus-Pai's FAVORITE books, organized by level and linked to their Accelerated Reader pages.

2.7 - Ultimate Spiderman: Learning Curve- Only 1 point, but great themes for middle schoolers.
2.9 - Ultimate Spiderman: Power and Responsibility - The book that got me back into comics! Only 1 point, but great themes for middle schoolers.
4.6 - Holes - The book is simple enough for children to understand, but is deeply layered with meaning to satisfy grown readers. Like onions!
5.2 - My Side of the Mountain - Ever thought about running away to the woods? What if you really did? 
5.7 - The Giver - Would life in a perfect world be worth living?
5.6 - Treasure Island (Abridged) - A classic adventure!
5.8 - The Princess Bride - Growing up is full of disappointments. But maybe disappointment and true love aren't too far away?
6.1 - The Fellowship of the Ring - When the world is threatened, even the smallest person can make a difference.
6.2 - The Return of the King - Who does the future belong to: the powerful or the good?
6.3 - The Two Towers - When lost in a great, big, scary world, who will you become?
6.6 - The Hobbit - Adventures are exhausting, cold, miserable, terribly inconvenient things.
8.3 - Treasure Island - A classic adventure!