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Cover Photo

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Your assignment is to design a magazine cover that characterizes where you see yourself in 20 years.  This should demonstrate success in a career path that you find compelling. Here is a (silly) example:


Your design must consist of a minimum of:
  •  two photo layers:
    • A picture of you (your face must be recognizable)
    • A background
  • some text explaining your future position
Your design must be submitted as a JPG or PDF.  Photoshop, Word, or Pages files will not be accepted.


Here is a video series on Photoshop skills that you will need.  It walks through a different project, but the ideas are the same:


  1. Determine what future career you might like to pursue. Try to find a magazine that typically features people in that field. For example, a scientist might be featured on Scientific American.
  2. Find an image to use as your background. DO NOT USE AN EXISTING MAGAZINE COVER. Instead, use an image of a person at work. The image should be large enough to be sharp at letter paper size. Try to use a picture with angles, shadowing, and skin tone you can match.
  3. Create a new Photoshop file. Set the canvas to 8.5x11 inch letter size. Name it "<your number> magazine cover."
  4. Copy the background into your Photoshop file.
  5. Take a picture of yourself, matching as best you can the angle and shading of the background image.
  6. Copy your image into the Photoshop file.
  7. Use the quick select tool and eraser to remove any unwanted parts of the picture of you. Resize the image to match the background.
  8. Copy from the background layer anything that needs to go in front of your face: hair, clothing, props. Paste it into a new layer and bring that layer in front of the picture of you.
  9. Use the text tool to create the title and other text of the magazine cover.
  10. Export your work by using "save for web." Save it as a JPEG or PDF.