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Caritas Interviews

posted Oct 29, 2013, 10:58 AM by   [ updated Dec 3, 2013, 11:14 AM ]
Students in the past have often thought of Caritas as a life changing experience.  We're going to capture some of that experience by interviewing each other about Caritas.

Part 1

Think about what you did and learned at Caritas.  What are some questions you would like to ask your classmates about their experience?  Here is a list of sample questions the class came up with together:
    • What is one thing you learned about yourself?
    • What’s something you learned about nature that everyone should know?
    • What is one thing you learned about your class?
    • What was your favorite meal?
    • What was one way you pushed yourself?
    • What thing you would share with your family?
    • Where did you see God last week?  In what way?
    • How did you connect with SONG?
    • What was your most meaningful experience?
    • What was the most challenging club to join?
    • What is it about Caritas that inspired you to open yourself up and make new friends?
    • How did you feel about the night hike? Did you feel differently afterwards?
    • Do you prefer the Caritas church to a regular church?
    • In what ways are living "Caritas style?"
    • How did you feel as you drove away from Caritas? Was there anything you wish you'd done differently?
    • Do you feel more empowered to change the world around you?


  1. Write up your own list of questions to ask a classmate. You can include as many of the questions above as you like, but add at least 3 of your own.
  2. Make sure your questions connect and lead into each other.
  3. Write down your answers to your own questions, as a way to prepare for your interview.

Part 2

10 Steps to Shooting your First DIY Interview from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

Before you start, review the basic filming guidelines.  Follow the instructions below to film interviews:
  1. Film the interview using both partner's iPads, in the style show in the video above.
  2. You will be editing yourself interviewing your partner, not being interviewed by them. Share the videos using airdrop.

Part 3

Follow the instructions below to edit your interview:
  1. Open iMovie on your iPad
  2. Create a new project titled <Your Number> Caritas Interview
  3. Drag and drop video clips of you asking questions and your partner answering questions.  These should alternate.
  4. Add a title and music as an intro and outro, NOT THROUGHOUT THE INTERVIEW.
  5. Add a title to identify the interviewer and interviewee at the start of the interview: "Person's Name - Student"
  6. When finished, Share --> Export Movie (size large)