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Stations of the Cross

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Personal devotional book: Due March 21, 2014

 Length: Minimum 1 page per Station (14 all together) plus a cover page.

This should be a personally rewarding assignment, as you create for yourself a book of prayers and reflections on the Stations of the Cross.

You are to think about ways that the stations reflect current life. Jesus lives in His people. Are there people who suffer today? How is Jesus still “carrying a cross” in the world today? Find pictures on the internet, in magazines or newspapers, or draw your own.

Each page of your book should include the following:

·      The number and name of the Station (Example, “Station 1, Jesus is Condemned to Death.”)

·      A photo or drawing that shows a modern dayexample of the idea (Example, A person imprisoned by fear, prejudice, or for an unjust cause.)

·      A short prayer or reflection on the idea presented(Example, “Lord Jesus, you were unjustly condemned. Forgive us for the ways we condemn others today, by our prejudices, our fears, and our hatred. Teach us to be like you. Help us to forgive those who would condemn us, too.”)

Put your book together with an attractive cover, put your name on the front, and turn it in anytime on or before March 21, 2014