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Design an Advertisement

posted Jan 23, 2014, 12:51 PM by   [ updated Feb 6, 2014, 1:24 PM ]

Plan Your Ad

  1. Work with a partner to pick a "client" for your ad. Your ad can be for...
    • a product
    • a service
    • an idea
    • a candidate or bill
  2. Next, choose a technique for your ad. You may choose any of the techniques below, or use a combination
    • Celebrity Endorsement: when a famous person talks about how they use your product and love it so everyone should buy it!
    • Bandwagon: It's really popular, so you should buy it!
    • Facts and Statistics: when an ad uses numbers to impress how good something is
    • Patriotic: when an ad shows that buying a product is the American thing to do.
    • Happy: when an ad shows that the people who use a product are super happy!
    • Before and After: when an ad shows the results of using a product
    • Emotional: an ad that appeals to your needs or fears, like:
      • Need for something new
      • need to stand out
      • need to be cool
      • fear of getting old
      • fear of accidents
  3. Where will your ad go?
    • Magazine
    • Comic Book
    • Website
    • Bus Stop
    • Billboard
    • Poster
  4. Let me know what you're doing:

Build Your Ad

You've had two and a half years of me teaching you stuff and you're in 8th Grade. Figure it out yourself.

(Some suggestions) 
  • For this project, don't worry about Creative Commons.
  • Use Photoshop, Pixie, or any other apps you like
  • Use pages or Word for the final page layout. It's harder to do that part in Photoshop.

Submit Your Ad

  • Be sure to submit your ad as a PDF
  • 300ppi would be best for printing (what's ppi? Look it up!)
  • Upload and share it with me in Google Docs. Title is <Your numbers> - <Your Ad's Title>