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Human Trafficking Project

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Gallery of Completed Videos

In recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we're going to explore some concepts from this site:

Before the lesson, go to and do the following:
  1. Read the information under "What?  Slaves work for me?"
  2. Take the survey to calculate your slavery footprint.  For some questions, assume you are your parents.  Count your parents' cars, homes, or other property as your own.


In order to spread awareness about this international problem, we will be creating videos discussing specific topics in human trafficking.  A specific topic covers:
  • A specific type of human trafficking, such as forced labor, sex trafficking, organ trafficking, debt bondage, or child labor
  • A specific group of people who are regular victims of human trafficking, such as the rural poor in China or inner-city teenage girls in the U.S.
  • A specific industry in which human trafficking is rampant, such as precious metals or electronics manufacturing
  • A specific place where trafficking is occurring, such as California, China, or another part of the world.
  • A specific company that is benefitting from using human trafficking.


Each student will create a Google Doc containing their research and video script, and shared with Mr. Dreyfus.  The title of this document should be:

Student# - Topic title
ex: 801 - Child Labor in India

While researching, you should formatting your document in this way:
Site Title (bold)
URL (linked)
research notes

This is an example of a well-organized research document:

800 Slavery in Bosnia


Your video must include the following:

  • Minimum 5-10 facts about your topic
  • Minimum 5 sources
  • 2-4 minutes in length
  • Draw a connection from victims to your audience
  • Emotional appeal
  • A call to action - something your viewers can do to help in the fight against human trafficking
Due Dates:
  • Script First Draft: 9AM Tuesday, February 5th
  • Script Final Draft (including media): 9AM Tuesday, February 12th
  • Video Complete: Friday, February 15th

Grading Rubric

Submit your Topic

Finding images with Creative Commons Licenses

When you do your Google Search, do an advanced search

In your search, look for images that can be reused.

When you find an image, check the website for a description of when and how you can use that image.

Public Domain Resources

Public domain resources are music, photos, and videos owned by the public.  They are either created by government employees or donated to the public.  You can use them in any of your projects in any way, without fear of copyright infringement.

Uploading to Youtube

  • In iMovie, go to the Menu and select Share --> Youtube
  • Username is
  • Category is Nonprofits and Activism
  • Title is your number and then the title of your video
  • Description should list links to all your resources
    • Sources:
    • Images:
    • Music::
    • Action links (organizations that viewers should support)
  • Tags are anything that describes your project, separated by commas
  • Size is largest available
  • Check "Make this movie person"

Exemplary Video Description