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Caritas Interviews

posted Nov 26, 2012, 3:07 PM by   [ updated Nov 26, 2012, 3:32 PM ]
Students in the past have often thought of Caritas as a life changing experience.  We're going to capture some of that experience by interviewing each other about Caritas.

Part 1

Think about what you did and learned at Caritas.  What are some questions you would like to ask your classmates about their experience?  Here is a list of sample questions the class came up with together:
    • What is one thing you learned about yourself?
    • What’s something you learned about nature that everyone should know?
    • What is one thing you learned about your class?
    • What was your favorite meal?
    • What was one way you pushed yourself?
    • What thing you would share with your family?
    • Where did you see God last week?  In what way?
    • How did you connect with SONG?
    • What was your most meaningful experience?
    • What was the most challenging club to join?


  1. Write up your own list of questions to ask a classmate. You can include as many of the questions above as you like, but add at least 3 of your own.
  2. Write down your answers to your own questions, as a way to prepare for your interview.

Part 2

Before you start, review the basic filming guidelines.  Follow the instructions below to film interviews:
  1. Write down the iPad # your team is using.
  2. Partner 1 films Partner 2 asking the questions.  Film it all as one clip, leaving 3-5 seconds between each question.
  3. Partner 2 films Partner 1 answering the questions.  Partner 2 should start filming, ask the question, and film Partner 1's response.  Be sure to leave 3-5 seconds between each question.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 the other way around (Partner 2 films Partner 1, etc.)

Part 2.5

Follow the instructions below to import video from your iPad:
  1. Log in to the iMovie account
  2. Import ONLY the clips of YOU ASKING questions and YOUR PARTNER ANSWERING questions
    • manual --> uncheck all --> select clips --> import checked

Part 3

Follow the instructions below to edit your interview:
  1. Log in to the iMovie account
  2. Create a new project titled <Your Number> Caritas Interview
  3. Drag and drop video clips of you asking questions and your partner answering questions.  These should alternate.
  4. Add a title and music as an intro and outro.
  5. Add a "lower third" to identify the interviewer and interviewee: "Person's Name - Student"
  6. When finished, Share --> Export Movie (size large)