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7th Grade students have been reading biographies of important figures.  We are going to create our own biographical podcast about those figures.  You already got started by drafting scripts for your podcast.  The next step is to find audio of our subjects that we can use in our project.  


Remembering Lillian Cahn - Creator of the Coach Handbag
This is a great example of telling someone's story without ever hearing from them directly.  Throughout the story, Mrs. Cahn's husband describes her.

This biography tells us all about who Julia Child was, without going into to many boring details.  As we discussed, it only contains a few quotes, and is mostly told by the host and an expert.

Production Designer Ray Cusick - Designer of the Daleks
This short piece is not quite a biography, but it does provide a remembrance for a person's most standout work.

Audio Resources

Here are some good sources for audio: - Internet archive of media.  Search for audio or video of your subject, narrow by type, and download. - News and interviews of many current and historic figures
BBC Archive: People - Photos, audio, and video from the BBC

Finally, just try Googling your subject's name with "interview mp3" at the end!

Note-taking with Audio

It can be pretty hard to find something in an audio piece you've heard before.  Make sure you take good notes while you're listening!
You can use this template to help get organized:
  1. First, make a folder to keep all the audio for your project.  Anything you download should go in the folder.
  2. As you listen to audio clips, fill in the template for each clip you may want to use in your project.

Recording Audio that can't be downloaded

In class I explained using Soundflower to record audio.  Here's a video that walks you through the process*:

*Note: In the video, the presenter mentions that there is a Windows version.  This is not correct.  If you want to try this process on Windows, consult with Mr. Dreyfus-Pai.

Soundflower Download