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Water Website

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In order to review and explore concepts from your science Chapter 5, we will create a website to inform others about how water moves through the environment.  You will compete in teams of 6 to create the most informative, well-written, and interesting website.  The winning team will have their site published with the domain name of their choice!

Day 1: Organizing

You will work in teams of 6.  These are the responsibilities of the different roles:
  • Team Leader:
    • Overall web site design
    • Supervising and editing team member work
    • Conferencing with Mr. Dreyfus-Pai about your team's progress
  • Team Members:
    • Create page content
    • Page design
    • Peer edit teammates work


As a team, decide who will be the team leader and who will cover each lesson in your textbook.

Team Leaders:
  • Email me the names of each person and what content they will be covering.
  • Set up your website
    • Site Name: <Your number> Water
    • Site Location: leave the automatic url
    • Theme: Any you like - can be changed later
    • Categories: water
    • Description: Informational website on how water moves and is used by people
  • Share it with your teammates
Team Members
  • 1 team member should create a shared folder with your team and me
    • Name it: Water
  • Create a Google Doc for your research notes.  Drop it in the shared folder.
    • Name it: <Your number> - <Your Lesson>

Day 2: Developing


Team Leaders:
  • Create pages on your site for each Lesson
  • Start working on site design
Team Members:


Finish your lesson notes for homework!

  • Start taking notes on your Lesson.  Write them in your Google Doc
  • If you finish early, peer edit
  • Finish your notes for homework

Day 3 until Done: Formatting for Web

Today you will start creating your pages.  You will have to follow the proper conventions for writing on websites:
  • All images must be attributed to their sources.  The easiest way to do this is by linking the image to its source.
  • Do not indent for new paragraphs.  Instead, separate paragraphs with two returns.
  • Use lists, images, and floating text boxes to create a more visually interesting page.
  • Add videos and animated gifs to make your site more interesting
  • Add interactive elements like quizzes, surveys, or games.
  • Make sure your site looks good at a variety of browser sizes.  Check that images, videos, and text do not overlap.


You will comment on yourself, your teammates, and your leader in this project.

You will comment on the sites created by your class.

Grading Rubric