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States Research Project

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Getting Ready

For your state project, the first thing we're going to do is research.  We need to find out:

  • 3 places to visit
  • Famous people from the state
  • Major industries of the state


Here are some resources for learning about your state:

History of the 50 States

Links, lists, and facts, such as a list of Famous Louisianans.

State Websites: Type in your state's abbreviation and .gov into the address bar to go to that state's page.  Examples:
    On these pages, look for "tourism" or "visit"

US Census Bureau Quick Facts
Statistics like population, demographics, economy, business

Lonely Planet
Travel site with things to do and see all over.


  1. Start creating your brochure in Pages.  Go to the Template Chooser and use the "Classic" template.
  2. Fill in all the required text.  All writing must be in complete paragraphs.
  3. Adjust text size, text box size, colors, and fonts to create a unique and readable brochure.  Be sure that your choice of fonts and colors are not difficult or distracting for readers!
  4. Export your brochure as a "Best" quality PDF when complete to allow easy sharing.
To view ALL the brochures from 2012, click here (CTK login required).


  1. Before you start, know that the steps below must be completed in one sitting!  You cannot edit the map created in this way.
  2. In Google Maps, Get Directions from your starting point to the next place you will visit.
  3. Click Add Destination and enter the next location.
  4. Repeat step 2 until you are at your endpoint.
  5. Make sure you are signed in to your account and click Save To My Maps.
If you are creating a paper poster board:
  1. Make browser as large as you can on the screen.
  2. Zoom in to each state and take a screenshot by using Command-Shift-4
  3. Print out your screenshots, rather than the map itself (otherwise it will print all the directions!).
If you are creating a digital poster board:
  1. Click the link button: 
  2. Copy the link
  3. Add it to your digital poster board


  • Create your budget in a Google Spreadsheet.  Use this spreadsheet as an example.

Poster Boards: Analog or Digital

Keep the following in mind if you're creating a regular old poster board:
  • Don't print your maps straight from the maps page. Instead, take screenshots, then use the method below to print the right size.
  • Before printing any images, drop those images into Word or Google Docs and adjust the printout size in that document.
  • For your budget, be sure to delete any extra columns or rows you don't need. Also, check "fit to one page" and when you print.
We can make "digital poster boards" using several ways tools:
  • Prezis are zooming presentations set on a single canvas (instead of multiple slides). They look cool but can be difficult to work with.
  • Padlets are like a corkboard for the web. You can link images, videos, and even whole websites (like your budget or map) and arrange them however you like.

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