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Evaluating Sources

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Different Ways of Presenting Information




How to evaluate a source

An eight-point evaluation checklist from the UC Berkeley Library.

  • What can the URL tell you?
  • Who wrote the page? Is he, she, or the authoring institution a qualified authority?
  • Is it dated? Current, timely?
  • Is information cited authentic?
  • Does the page have overall integrity and reliability as a source?
  • What's the bias?
  • Could the page or site be ironic, like a satire or a spoof?
  • If you have questions or reservations, how can you satisfy them?


1. Create a new Google Document
2. Research a conservation topic
  • Find fact based and opinion articles
  • List them and label them
3. Write 3 titles for an article about the topic in different styles:
  • Journalism
  • Opinion Positive
  • Opinion Negative