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Earth Day Ads

posted Mar 26, 2013, 1:50 PM by Michael Dreyfus-Pai   [ updated Apr 9, 2013, 2:01 PM by ]
The environment needs a PR (Public Relations) agent!  For Earth Day, we're going to make ads for environmentally friendly products.  First, we need to learn about advertising.

Day 1: Exploring Ads

First, we're going to explore advertising strategies at this site from

Day 2: Plan Your Ad

Work with a partner to decide what product you will advertise.  Your product should be something to help the environment!  It can be real or made up, but it shouldn't be magic.  You also should decide what kind of ad you will do:
  • Celebrity Endorsement: when a famous person talks about how they use your product and love it so everyone should buy it!
  • Bandwagon: It's really popular, so you should buy it!
  • Facts and Statistics: when an ad uses numbers to impress how good something is
  • Patriotic: when an ad shows that buying a product is the American thing to do.
  • Happy: when an ad shows that the people who use a product are super happy!
  • Before and After: when an ad shows the results of using a product
  • Emotional: an ad that appeals to your needs or fears, like:
    • Need for something new
    • need to stand out
    • need to be cool
    • fear of getting old
    • fear of accidents

Day 3: Make Your Ad

An ad has many parts.  Check these out:

These ads contain text and a few images.  Our ad should also have a combination of text and images.  Today, you'll start drawing all the parts you'll need in Pixie.