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3rd Grade

Cool Country Reports

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Day 1: Researching

In groups of 3, you will create a report about a country.  Each person will create a different part of the report:

  1. Just the Facts: Tell us basic facts about the country
  2. Very Important Citizen: Tell us about an important citizen of that country.  You can also try searching "Famous people from" and the name of your country
  3. Postcard: Tell us about a famous landmark from your country.  On the site, look for places and sites.
Once you've decided who in your group will do what, use the worksheet below to collect your information.

Day 2: Creating

Now that you've got your information, let's make something with it!  Click the link that matches with your role:

Teammate 1 Just the Facts Click here You're going to create a digital wall for your cool country report to live!
Teammate 2 Very Important Citizen Click here You're going to create a trading card for you VIC!
Teammate 3 Postcard Click here You're going to create postcard for your important landmark!

Recycling in Real Life

posted Apr 23, 2013, 1:45 PM by Michael Dreyfus-Pai   [ updated Apr 23, 2013, 1:50 PM by ]

Play the game

To learn about how different materials are recycled!

Earth Day Ads

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The environment needs a PR (Public Relations) agent!  For Earth Day, we're going to make ads for environmentally friendly products.  First, we need to learn about advertising.

Day 1: Exploring Ads

First, we're going to explore advertising strategies at this site from

Day 2: Plan Your Ad

Work with a partner to decide what product you will advertise.  Your product should be something to help the environment!  It can be real or made up, but it shouldn't be magic.  You also should decide what kind of ad you will do:
  • Celebrity Endorsement: when a famous person talks about how they use your product and love it so everyone should buy it!
  • Bandwagon: It's really popular, so you should buy it!
  • Facts and Statistics: when an ad uses numbers to impress how good something is
  • Patriotic: when an ad shows that buying a product is the American thing to do.
  • Happy: when an ad shows that the people who use a product are super happy!
  • Before and After: when an ad shows the results of using a product
  • Emotional: an ad that appeals to your needs or fears, like:
    • Need for something new
    • need to stand out
    • need to be cool
    • fear of getting old
    • fear of accidents

Day 3: Make Your Ad

An ad has many parts.  Check these out:

These ads contain text and a few images.  Our ad should also have a combination of text and images.  Today, you'll start drawing all the parts you'll need in Pixie.

Planets Video Slideshow

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Day 1: Researching

In this project, you will research a planet and create a video report on it.  You will work in groups of 4, and each person will find different information:
  • Teammate 1: What is your planet's mass and distance from the sun?
  • Teammate 2: What is your planet made of?
  • Teammate 3: What are 3 interesting facts about your planet?
  • Teammate 4: What satellites (moons or rings) does your planet have?
    • Mercury and Venus have no satellites.  Instead, tell us how they got their names.
At the end of the period, Teammate 1 will copy all your answers onto 1 sheet.

Day 2: Collecting Images & Script Writing

  1. Split your group in half (2 people each)
    1. Team A: In Solar Walk, take screen shots of your planet and its satellites.
    2. Team B: Using your research, write a script for your video.  Write full sentences and write who will say what.

Day 3: Making your Video

  1. Make a new iMove project with the name of your planet
  2. Insert your pictures in the order you want them to show
  3. Record your voiceovers with your planet facts.
  4. Change the duration of your images to match the sentences in your script.

Day 4: Publishing

  1. Go to the main screen in iMovie
  2. Tap the Share button and pick Youtube
  3. Use the following setting to share your video:
    • Title: The Planet _______
    • Description: Facts about the planet ________
    • Category: Science & Technology
    • Tags: [your planet's name], planet, planets, space, or any other words you think are related to this project
    • Size: Large

Branches of Government PowerPoint

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In this project, we'll summarize what we've learned about the branches of the government in a PowerPoint Presentation.

  • First, fill in this worksheet with information from your textbook.  You can also use Ben's Guide to Government to help.
  • The second slide on page 3 is for homework.  With your parents help, choose a level of government: local, county, state, or national.  Find out the name of one of your representatives in the legislative, executive, and judicial branch.
  • Use PowerPoint to make a presentation that looks like the worksheet:
    1. Fill in all the information
    2. Choose a theme you like
    3. Add pictures

Writing a friendly letter

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In the book "A Pen Pal for Max," Max writes a friendly letter to nobody in particular.  When he hears back from Maggie, the two become pen pals.  You're going to have a pen pal, too: your parents!  But instead of sending a letter in a box of grapes, you're going to send an email.

Write a letter to your parents about school.  Choose something you have learned or read about lately and tell them about it.  For instance, a story or a book you have read or an interesting thing you learned in Science, Social Studies, Religion, or any other subject.  What would you want them to know about it?  Tell them as if you are Mrs. Sihler teaching it to you.  If you choose a book or story, give them a summary, tell them about the characters, the setting, and what made it so good you wanted to write to them about it.

Remember who your audience is - your parents!

Rock Comics

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3rd Graders researched the three different types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary.

To make a comic of the three rock types:
  1. Open the Rocktemplate.comicdoc file in Comic Life.
  2. Change the title and your name.
  3. Take a picture of yourself to put next to your name.
  4. Drop in pictures of the three different types of rocks.
  5. Add text boxes and type in the descriptions of the rock types that you researched.

Reviewing Earth Systems

posted Nov 5, 2012, 9:01 AM by   [ updated Nov 5, 2012, 9:01 AM ]

The Earth has a lot going on!  BrainPop has an amazing collection of videos all about the Earth and its systems.  Go watch Earthquakes, and then explore any topic that interests you.

Our Country's Geography: Day 3 & 4

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The next step is to get organized!

  1. Make a new folder on the desktop called "US Geography"
  2. Drag all your pictures into the folder
  3. Rename your pictures so the names tell you what they are. For example, "Wetlands" or "Mount Diablo"
Now we're going to start making our presentation.
  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Pick the White Template
  3. Type US Geography for the title and By <your name>
  4. Add a new page with two pictures.  Write the name of the geographic area at the top and drop your pictures onto the page
  5. Repeat step 4 until you've done them all!

Our Country's Geography: Day 2

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Today we're going to grab photographs of the different areas of the country, taken by people who were really there!  Here are the places to visit:

Pacific Coast
Basin and Range
Rocky Mountains
Great Plains
Central Plains
Great Lakes and Mississippi
Eastern Mountains and Coast
Wetlands and Ocean

  1. Open Google Earth.
  2. Go to one of the areas above
  3. Find a picture that is a good example of the natural landscape of that area.
  4. Take a screenshot of that picture.

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