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2nd Grade

Dinosaur Books

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We're going to create a digital book using Pages and the template below.  On each page, add a picture of your dinosaur.  If you can't find a picture for each page, you can draw one.  Then, write out the answer to the questions on each page.

Student eBooks

After they were done, students exported their dinosaur books into an ePub format.  ePub books can be read by many different devices, including iPads!  Parents can click the image below to download their child's book.  The titles are the names of the dinosaurs, so you'll just have to ask your child which is theirs!

iPad instructions

  1. Click the image above
  2. Click on your child's dinosaur book.  You will see "No preview available."
  3. Click download
  4. Click Open in iBooks or Open in another eReader app of your choice

Dinosaur Games

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Spelling and Volcanoes

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Spelling List - Lesson 16

Type up your spelling list for this week.  Follow these instructions:
  • Write your words 3 times
  • Start the first word with a capital letter
  • Write each set of words on a separate line
  • Make the silent letter a different color than the rest.  

Here's an example:

Knot knot knot
Wrong wrong wrong

Volcano Detectives

When you're done with your spelling list, check out this game:

There's a lot we don't know about here, so let's stick to just the volcanoes.  Try these challenges in the game:
  • Santorini (near Italy)
  • Giant's Causeway (near Ireland)
  • Mt. Saint Helens (in Washington State)
  • Maui Volcanoes (in Hawaii)

I have a dream speeches

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Second Graders wrote "I have a dream" speeches.  In this lesson, they will work in groups of two: an actor and a cameraperson.

Instructions for Actors:
  • Practice your lines before recording!
  • Wait 3 seconds after start of recording
  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Look at the camera, not at your paper.
Instructions for Camerapeople:
  • Look at the screen on the camera and make sure you can see the actors from hip to above their heads
  • Start recording a few seconds early
  • Point at the actors to let them know you're recording
  • Be silent!
  • Hold the camera as still and steady as possible
  • Wait a few seconds after the actors finish before you stop recording
Instructions for Everyone:
  • Be quiet while you're not recording so as not to disturb other groups
  • Press play to watch your video over and make sure you can hear and see everything

I have a dream Wordles

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To prepare, students picked out important words from Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech.


  1. Open TextEdit and type out each of the words you chose on a separate line.  Save your work every minute!
  2. Copy and paste each word the number of times it says on your worksheet (18, 12, 6, etc.)
  3. Copy and paste everything into
  4. Click Go to create your Wordle.
  5. Click Randomize until you have a design that you like.  Note: You may only choose designs with white backgrounds.
  6. When you're done, ask a teacher to print your Wordle.

Exploring Shapes

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In this activity, we're going to learn about different shapes.  What really makes a square a square?  How is it different from a rectangle?  We'll explore these shapes using Geometer's Sketchpad.  Answer the questions in this worksheet using the Shapes.gsp file below.

Following the Pilgrims

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Adding and Place Value

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Today we'll be reviewing some math concepts with the following activities:

iPad App - Hungry Fish

iPad App - Zoom

Continents Scavenger Hunt!

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For this lesson, use Google Earth to complete the scavenger hunt.  You're going to find the name of a country, capitol city, mountain range or desert, and river or lake on each continent.

Here's a little Google Earth cheat sheet!

 Country names are in Yellow
Capitol Cities are marked by a
Mountain Ranges and Deserts are in Green
Rivers and Lakes are in Blue

Continents aren't marked in Google Earth, so you should know which are which!  But just in case:

continents and oceans

If you finish early, you can try this activity at

Theme 1 Spelling Lists

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Theme 1

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