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Mother's Day Videos

posted May 2, 2013, 12:29 PM by   [ updated May 12, 2013, 1:34 AM ]
We're going to make a movie on our iPads as a Mother's Day thank you.  Here's how:

Day 1

  1. Think of a time when your mom did something great for you.
  2. Use Drawing Pad to draw a picture to illustrate that story!  You can draw a few pictures if you need to. Remember to save your pictures!
  3. Use the camera to take a picture of yourself.

Day 2

Today we'll tell our Tell your story using Educreations!
  1. Open the Educreations app on your iPad
  2. Add the picture you drew to the Educreations page
  3. Add another page and drop in the next picture, repeating until you're done
  4. Add the picture of yourself on the last page.
  5. Go back to the first page and start press record.
  6. Tell your story in three steps.  You can always pause to think about what you want to say next.
    1. Introduction: Say your name and what the story is about
    2. Story: Tell your story with lots of details!  What happened and how did it make you feel?  Move through different pictures if you had more than 1.
    3. Thanks: Go to the last page.  Thank your mom for what she did for you!
  7. Save and upload your story
As you might guess, this is a lot for 1st graders!  While we handled Day 1 on our own, we had some help from the class of 2013 on Day 2.

Student Videos

Happy Mother's Day!  Click here to see the gallery of student videos.