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6th Grade: Wonders of the World

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You will be creating a website that describes the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Components of your page

  • Title: What was it called? Student numbers?
  • Where was it? Maps.
  • Date it was built
  • Description of it: What did it look like?  How big was it?  What was it made from?
  • How and when was it destroyed?
  • What proof is there that it existed?
  • Pictures
  • What do the ruins look like?
  • How was it built?   Who was it built by?
  • Minimum of 5 sources cited.

Summarizing Sources

Within your group, divide up the facts above.  Each team member will find a source for that fact, and summarize what they've learned about it on an index card.  For example:

Question: How were the Pyramids of Giza built?
Summary: There are many theories of how parts of the pyramids were built.  It used to be believed that the Egyptians built enormous ramps and rolled the materials up them.  There is some evidence that the Egyptians invented the crane, and were actually able to lift large blocks with them.  Still others hypothesize that the egyptians invented an elevator, powered by animals turning a wheel, that they used to lift materials from the inside of the pyramids.