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Grade 5: Easter around the World

posted Feb 28, 2012, 9:18 AM by   [ updated Mar 1, 2012, 2:22 PM ]


Students will research how Easter is celebrated in a specific country and create a web page that describes what they've learned.

Step 1: Researching

  • Create a Google Doc. Title it with your number, name, and "Easter in..." your country.
  • Look for information about how Easter is celebrated in your assigned country.  When you find something, organize your research in this way:
  • this is a fact from the page
  • this is another fact
  • this is a fact from the page
  • this is another fact
  • When you find images you want to use, include the image, URL of the image, and URL of the page the image came from

Step 2: Creating your web page

  1. Open the site you will create your page on.
  2. Create a new page.  Name it your number and the name of your country
    • Example: 00 USA
  3. When you've created your page, change the Page Layout to One Column (NOT One Column Simple)
  4. Your page will have four parts
    • A paragraph describing Easter in your country
    • A bulleted list of facts about how Easter is celebrated in your country
    • Footnotes that link to your references
    • Images

Step 3: Formatting

How to create footnotes
  1. At the end of your fact, write the footnote number.
  2. Highlight the number and go to Format --> Superscript.
  3. In the footer section, write the footnote number and then the title of the page you found your fact on.
  4. Highlight the footnote and add a link to the source of information.