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Catholic WebQuest: Saints

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Students will be able to:

  1. Research a Saint of their own choice
  2. Make a presentation with visual aids about the life of a Saint
  3. Understand the process of becoming a Saint


You have been chosen to go back into the Past to meet a Saint. As you begin your journey, please make sure you have all your equipment ready for travel back into time. You will need to print the ‘Meet a Saint’ worksheet, and have a Notebook handy to take notes. Click on the links by the  and you will be taken to a new website.

Ready! Set! Go! Let’s Begin!

What is a Saint? – Take notes about what a Saint is, and 3 qualities Saints in history have had. UPDATED!

Choose one Saint from the Saints List and complete the ‘Meet a Saint’ worksheets.

Find a picture of your Saint and make a sketch in your Notebook

Read the process of becoming a Saint and write down the main points of how the Church canonizes a Saint.


Using all the information you find online, write a short talk about:
1. The Life of your Saint. Include the important details of his/her life.
2. The qualities of your Saint and why he/she is a role-model for you.
3. A short prayer to your Saint.

You will present your information to the class. Please include all visual aids, and notes.


Short Talk – /20

‘Meet a Saint’ Worksheet – /10

TOTAL : /30

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the Saints Web Quest!