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Book Trailers

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Discuss: What do these tell you about the movie? If you know the book, what key ideas are presented in the trailer?

Complete the form below to submit books you want to create a trailer for.  You will have to sign in.  Remember the following:

  • Choose a book you have read and know well
  • Choose a book you can think deeply about: that means more that just following the plot. It means understanding the themes, characters, and most important aspects of the book.
  • Choose a book that has scenes you can recreate.
  • Choose a book where the trailer will have more to it than action scenes!

Books for Book Trailers

Look over the project rubric to know how you will be scored:

Planning: Day 1

  • Directors:
    • Open the Google Doc below
    • Go to File -> Make a copy of it for your group.
    • Share it with your group members
  • Everyone: As a team, fill out the Brainstorm Sheet.

Planning: Day 2

Open your brainstorming sheet.  Today we are dividing up the jobs:

  • Director: 
    • First: Get an iPad and headphones. Choose an iMovie Trailer theme.
    • Second: Complete Characters and Actors section
  • Editors: Complete the Important Scenes section
  • Camera/Marketing: Complete the Quotes section.

Planning: Day 3

Now that you've come up with the important scenes and quotes for your book, we're going to plan out our shot list. Use the storyboard in iMovie to view the shots you will need.  You can click on the link below to view screenshots of the storyboards:

Shot List
Here is an example of what your shot list should look like. Each item should say the length of the shot and describe what is going to be shown on screen. Note: the "Important scenes" section describes the scene in the book, while the shot list describes the action in the trailer.

  • 0.8- Caleb and Tris walking

  • 1.2- Aptitude test- Tori explaining Divergence

  • 1.8- Caleb saying “These tests don’t have to change our choices,”

Sliding Screen of text says “In a world of factions”

  • 1.1- Choosing Ceremony- Marcus talking and Tris choosing

  • 1.5- Tris meets Tobias

  • 1.5- Training Scene

  • 1.0- Training scene

Sliding Screen of text says “One Choice can Transform you”

  • 2.0- Training Scene

  • 1.9- Tobias says “We believe in ordinary acts of courage” (still at Training area)

  • 1.9- Tobias and Tris hands intertwining saying “I love you”

  • 2.0- Tris laughing with Christine

Sliding Screen of text says “Some people”

  • 2.0- Jeanine holds the serum

Sliding Screen of text says “Want to take over the government”

  • 1.9- Dauntless person with eyes glazed over

  • 2.1- Dauntless Army marching after Abnegation

  • 1.9- Erudite headquarters

  • 1.9- Jeanine with Tobias and Tris

  • 1.8- Headshot of Jeanine smiling cruelly

Sliding Screen of text says “This Fall”

  • 1.8- Tris and her mother

Sliding Screen of text says “The battle will rage”

  • 0.6- Side shot of Christine's head

  • 1.3- Side shot of Abnegation person’s head

  • 1.9- Them running toward each other or away from each other

Sliding Screen of text says “for the factions”


Prop List

List the props you will need for each scene. Make sure they are easy to get and will not break any school rules. This group also wrote who is responsible for bringing in each item, a very good idea!

  • book (Amy) - Lauren

  • collectibles: football cards (Dan) -Caleb

  • Piece of paper (will) - Garry

  • a few envelopes - Maggie

  • gray wig-Maggie

  • robe-Maggie

  • stuffed cat- Lauren

  • at least 3 backpacks- All of us

  • cane- Garry

  • green necklace -Maggie

  • pearl Earrings-Maggie

  • blanket-Maggie

  • pillow-Maggie