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States Research Project

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Getting Ready

For your state project, the first thing you're going to do is create a brochure about your state. First step is to research.  Your brochure must have the following content:

  • state capital 
  • state flag 
  • state flower, bird and tree
  • year of statehood 
  • present state government leader (governor)
  • climate information in the state
  • Minimum 3 places to visit and things to see/do (find 5 and narrow it down later)
  • Famous people from the state
  • Major industries of the state
  • major natural resources
  • anything else you found particularly interesting about this state 
Use the template below to collect your information. Note: the spreadsheet is NOT a complete graphic organizer. You will have to add items and organize it yourself!

To use this template:
  1. Sign in to Google Apps
  2. Click the link above
  3. Name it <Your number> <Your State> Research
  4. Share with Mr. Dreyfus-Pai


Here are some resources for learning about your state:

History.com - The States - History of the 50 State
50 States.com - Links, lists, and facts, such as a list of Famous Louisianans.
State Websites - Type in your state's abbreviation and .gov into the address bar to go to that state's page.
Examples: ny.govca.govga.govOn these pages, look for "tourism" or "visit"
US Census Bureau Quick Facts - Statistics like population, demographics, economy, business
Lonely Planet - Travel site with things to do and see all over.

More resources from Mrs. Krane:

Brainy Quotes - Famous quotes from famous people in the 50 states.

Country Reports - Learn facts about the countries all over the world.

Enchanted Learning USA - Look for information about the 50 states!

Explore the States - State facts.

Fact Monster - State facts

Famous People from the 50 States - Find out famous people that came from each state.

How the States Got Their Names - Learn about how the 50 states got their names.

Kids.gov: State Websites - Visit the government website for each state.

KidsKonnect - State facts

Netstate - Learn about state symbols, flags, capitals, maps, songs, history, people, and more!
State Coin Facts - Learn about state quarters produced by the 50 State Quarters Program.
State Motto's - Find out each state's motto.
Stately Knowledge - Find state facts.
The U.S. 50 - Information about the 50 states.
Travel and Tourism in the 50 States - Visit each state's travel and tourism site.
WorldAtlas.com - State facts.


Your brochure will include all the information you researched about your state. Click here to view an exemplary sample brochure.
We will be using the Classic brochure template in Pages. Click here to watch a video on how to use brochure templates.

  1. Start creating your brochure in Pages.  Go to the Template Chooser and use the "Classic" brochure template.
  2. Fill in all the required text.  All writing must be in complete paragraphs.
  3. Adjust text size, text box size, colors, and fonts to create a unique and readable brochure.  Be sure that your choice of fonts and colors are not difficult or distracting for readers! Let's shoot for classy, rather than flashy.
  4. Export your brochure as a "Best" quality PDF when complete to allow easy sharing.
To view ALL the brochures from 2014


Create your budget in a Google Spreadsheet.  Use this spreadsheet as an example. Your budget MUST:

  • Be titled <Your Region> Budget
  • Have these headings: Item, Description, Cost Each, Quantity, Total
  • Have sections for Lodging, Transportation, Food, Fuel, and each state
  • Use formulas to calculate costs


You will create a map online with your route traveled (including the state capital) and all your sightseeing destinations. 


    1. Make sure you're sign in to Google Apps
    2. Go to Google Maps
    3. Click in the search box and click on "My Custom Maps"
    4. Click Create
    5. Give your map a title: <Region> Road Trip
    6. For your route:
      1. to add the route you will take on your road trip.
    7. Click the directions button to add the route you will take on your road trip.
      1. Get Directions from your starting point to the next place you will visit.
      2. Click Add Destination and enter the next location.
      3. Repeat step 3 until you are at your endpoint.
    8. For your sightseeing destinations
      1. Add another layer to your map
    9. Add another layer to your map
      1. Call it "Sightseeing", "Fun things to Do", or something similar
      2. Search for your destinations and click "Add to Map"
    10. Customize your map with pin icons, colors, and a base map you like.


Your presentation will include everything you have created during this project:
  • Brochures for each state
  • Map
  • Budget
  • Appropriate decoration (state symbols, pictures from your state)
You have three options for presentations:

Google Slides
  • 1 person from your group should go to Google Drive and create a new Presentation
  • Share it with your team members, Mr. Dreyfus-Pai, and Mrs. Walsh

  • 1 person from your group should go to Prezi.com and create a new account. Use a password that can be shared by your group.
  • Create a new Prezi from a template that makes sense for your presentation.
  • Add your items. You may need to use screenshots, export budgets as excel, or use other formatting tricks to display everything.
  • Remember that your free Prezi account requires that your prezis are public! Do not post any identifying information or pictures of yourself on the prezi.
  • 1 person from your group should go to padlet.com and create a new account. Use "Sign in with Google" to link your ctkschool.org account.
  • Create a new wall. Make it password protected and share the password with your team, Mr. Dreyfus-Pai, and Mrs. Walsh.
  • Add your items. Your maps and budgets will have to be published (public!) to show up correctly.