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Lunch Box Invention Challenge

posted Apr 7, 2014, 1:15 PM by mdreyfus@ctkschool.org   [ updated Sep 11, 2016, 3:20 PM by kmcmillan@ctkschool.org ]
Every day at this school you receive the following items with your lunch:
  • cardboard tray
  • water bottle
  • milk carton
  • plastic utensils
Every one of these materials gets used once, then thrown away.  What a waste! 

Your challenge: to design an invention using a combination of these materials!  Your invention MUST BE:

  • Useful: must be designed to fill some need
  • Usable: easy to use
  • Unique: must not copy anyone else's idea or design
  • Rugged: must be able to stand up to daily use
You may use small amounts of the following additional materials in your design:
  • Rubber Bands
  • Glue
  • Adhesive tape
  • Sticky tack
  • Other material approved by Mr. Dreyfus-Pai


  1. At lunch today, do your best to keep your materials clean.  Take them home and spend the weekend brainstorming an idea for an invention.  Use the "I Intend to Invent" form to describe it.
  2. Working with a partner, decide on a final idea for your invention.  Draw several diagrams to show how you will build it.
  3. Build your invention, taking pictures along the way for your instructions.
  4. In a Google Doc, write a set of instructions for how someone else would build your product. Include the pictures you took.
  5. Name your invention and present it to the class.
  6. Publish your instructions on the Internet!