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Planets Video Project

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Day 1: Researching

In this project, you will research a planet and create a video report on it.  You will work in groups of 4, and each person will find different information:
  • Teammate 1: What is your planet's mass and distance from the sun?
  • Teammate 2: What is your planet made of?
  • Teammate 3: What are 3 interesting facts about your planet?
  • Teammate 4: What satellites (moons or rings) does your planet have?
    • Mercury and Venus have no satellites.  Instead, tell us about their weather and the length of the year.
Use the Solar Walk App to find this information about your planet. Record your information on this sheet. At the end of the period, Teammate 1 will copy all your answers onto 1 sheet.

Day 2: Collecting Images & Script Writing

  1. Split your group in half (2 people each)
    1. Team A: In Solar Walk, take screen shots of your planet and its satellites.
    2. Team B: Using your research, write a script for your video.  Write full sentences and write who will say what.
  2. Your script should include all your facts. Here is an outline for it:
All: The Planet _________
Walter: The Planet _______ has a mass of _______________. It is ______________ kilometers from the sun.
Millie: ______________ is a rocky planet. Its atmosphere is mainly _____________, and it has an iron core. <--DESCRIPTION!
Maybell: ___________ has 2 moons. They are called ___________ and ____________.
Warren: ___________ is the only planet with pink elephants. It was named for 

Day 3: Making your Video

  1. On your iPad, make a new iMovie project with the name of your planet
  2. Insert your pictures in the order you want them to show
  3. Record your voiceovers with your planet facts.  Be sure to follow the guidelines for recording audio.
  4. Change the duration of your images to match the sentences in your script.

Day 4: Publishing

  1. Go to the main screen in iMovie
  2. Tap the Share button and pick Youtube
  3. Use the following setting to share your video:
    • Title: The Planet _______
    • Description: Facts about the planet ________
    • Category: Science & Technology
    • Tags: [your planet's name], planet, planets, space, or any other words you think are related to this project
    • Size: Large

Peer Assessment