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Inside Advertising

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Intro to Ads

PBS Kids: Don't Buy It

Make your Own

Following on the heels of our Planet Videos, we're going to create a commercial. Groups for this project will be:

Group 1: 18, 36, 1, 2
Group 2: 33, 34, 19, 20
Group 3: 32, 15, 13, 5
Group 4: 29, 23, 4, 8
Group 5: 10, 14, 11, 9
Group 6: 35, 6, 28, 16
Group 7: 22, 26, 25, 31
Group 8: 24, 27, 12, 3
Group 9: 30, 7, 21, 17
  1. With your group, come up with a good or service you are trying to sell. A good is a physical product. For example, I might try to sell Michael's Duck Wash: Keep your ducks shining like new with Michael's! A service is when something is done for you. For example, Michael's Duck Wash: Let us keep your ducks shining like new! 
  2. Next, decide on what kind of ad you will be doing and how you will film it. Make sure your idea is possible, and doesn't require complicated props or special effects. Types of ads are:
    • Celebrity Endorsement: when a famous person talks about how they use your product and love it so everyone should buy it!
    • Bandwagon: It's really popular, so you should buy it!
    • Facts and Statistics: when an ad uses numbers to impress how good something is
    • Patriotic: when an ad shows that buying a product is the American thing to do.
    • Happy: when an ad shows that the people who use a product are super happy!
    • Before and After: when an ad shows the results of using a product
    • Emotional: an ad that appeals to your needs or fears, like:
      • Need for something new
      • need to stand out
      • need to be cool
      • fear of getting old
      • fear of accidents
  3. Plan out your ad. It must be exactly 30 seconds! You can draw and write out what happens using a storyboard (file below).  Use the following planning roles:
  • 1 x Director
  • 2 x Writers
  • 1 x Artist

Record your ad

To record your ad, be sure to follow the Guide to Filming!  Your team artist is now your team camera-person. Be sure to follow your director's directions!